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PCIe104 & PCI-104

PCIe104 & PCI-104 Compatible Embedded Solutions Summary Page

Typical Module and Carrier Features
  • Standard Software Packages available with purchase
  • Off-the-shelf and Custom Designs
  • Real power supplies and planes to keep your PC/104p, and PCIe104 and installed mezzanines properly powered
  • Matched Length Impedance Controlled IO
  • SpaceWire, ARINC 429, CAN, MIL-1553, RS232, RS-485, RS-422, LVDS and other electrical standards
  • Carriers for IP, PMC
  • User Programmable
  • 1 year warranty standard. Extended warranty available.
  • Extended [Industrial] Temperature standard
  • Standard and ROHS processing available
PCI-104 [PC/104 Consortium] is based on PCI. PCIe104 [PC/104 Consortium] is based on PCIe.
Dynamic Engineering is a member of the PC/104 Consortium.
  • PCIe104 has options for the connectors installed allowing 1-16 PCIe lanes to be defined allowing operation with 1-16 lanes. Gen1-3.
  • PCIe104 With a minimum configuration of Bank1 only 3.3V(2) and 5V(center) are defined as power inputs. Adding Bank 3 provides 12V on the center conductor. Carrier or Adapter will determine power available. Remember this is a stacking system meaning the power is shared by the available pins thoughout the stack.
  • PCI/104-Express adds the PCI bus connector (even as a stack through) which can add additional power options.
  • PCI-104 operates with a 32 bit 33 MHz PCI bus.
  • PCI-104 has +12V(1), -12V(1), 3.3V(10) and 5V(8) defined as power inputs. () shows the max current based on contacts at 1A ea. Power Supply and stack requirements will determine power available to each module.
  • PC/104p modules have the additional ISA connectors added - even if just for pass through. Additional Power and ground pins are available in this configuation.
  • PC/104p & PCIe104 standard Dimensions : 3.550" x 3.775" nominal.
  • PCI-104 component height .435" component height on primary side. .100".
  • PCIe104 component height .345" component height on primary side. .190".
  • Regulated area for connectors around the edges of the boards to allow for installation within stacking chassis
  • IO defined by the module. Generally routed to the bezel of the chassis via internal cable.

  • PCIe104 & PC/104p Chassis
    1-11 slot PC104 Chassis
    PC/104p, PCIe104 Chassis
    Install up to 11 PC104, PCI-104, PC104p, PCIe104, PCIe/104 modules into the rack system. Use with Dynamic Engineering or 3rd party cards.
    PCIe104 & PC/104p COOL Cards

    Fan board with Zero Slot Fan technology. Choose 1 or 2 fans and Front to Back or Back to Front orientation. Only one module position used by board. Legal mechanical for PC104, PC104p and PCI-104.

    PCIe104 & PC/104p Power Supplies

    Rugged PC104, PC104p, PCI-104 Power Supply - P12, 5, 3.3, VIO, M12, M5 supplied from 28V reference [14-34V]

    PCIe104 & PC/104p Power Protection

    Reverse Power Protection with Fan option.

    Defined IO

    PC/104p / PCI-104 module with 4 SpaceWire ports - DMA support, 200 MHz operation, Windows & Linux drivers. Software support comes with reference application.

    Rugged PC/104+ BaseBoard with Power Distribution, OptoIsolated IO, ARINC 429, ADC, DAC, UART and PC104p stack position.

    Programmable Logic

    PC/104p / PCI-104 module with DMA, FIFO´s, RS485/LVDS (16)transceivers, programmable direction and termination, 4-DAC, 4-ADC, TTL port
    Great for custom state-machine driven IO requirements.

    PCIe104 1 lane card, Differential IO - LVDS and or RS485 - up to 18 IO [36 differential signals / 18 pairs], SDRAM, Gen1-compatible single lane implementation

    Carriers & Adapters

    Carriers - Adapt PCI-104 & PCIe104 Modules to PCI/PCIe
    PCI adapter to PC104p and PCI-104
    Use your PC104p or PCI-104 boards in a standard PC. The bridged version of the board supports a stack of up to 4 PCI-104 cards.

    PCI adapter to PC104p and PCI-104
    Use your PC104p or PCI-104 boards in a standard PC. Two orientations supported for production mode and test.

    PCIe 1 lane card, Carrier / Adapter for PCIe104, Test and Production positions with user selection, Test / Develop your PCIe104 device in a standard PC with the test position. Components are accessible.
    Install your PCIe104 device in a PC with the production position, Gen1-3 compatible

    Carriers - Adapt PMC Modules to PCI-104

    PC104p2PMC PMC Adapter Carrier converter card- Install PMC in PCI-104, or PC104p [top] slot. Ideal for Lab development or system deployment. Option for rear IO connector.

    Carriers - Adapt IP Modules to PC/104P
    Single Slot IndustryPack carrier board in PC104p / PCI-104 format
    Install an IndustryPack module into a PC104p or PCI-104 system

    Install up to 4 IndustryPack cards into a PC104p or PCI-104 system

    PMC & XMC Accessories for IO


    Provides a space efficient, low cost method of interconnecting the control electronics to the rest of the sensors, IO, machinery etc. 64 bit ribbon to 64 screw terminal adapter.

    is compatible with DINterm64 and provides a connection method between DIN style header connectors and other equipment. 64 positions, rows A and C filled in header.

    SCSI II/III to 68 Terminal positions SCSI II/III adapter to terminal strip with DIN rail and custom termination options

    SCSI II/III cable - 68 pin high density SCSI connectors with latch blocks or 2-56 thumbscrew hardware . Twisted pair construction.

    need to interconnect ribbon cable and your system?
    HDRterm50 will make your IndustryPack® system inter-connection easy; an interconnection between 50 pin ribbon cable and discrete wiring systems.

    need to interconnect ribbon cable and your system?
    will connect your IndustryPack® to a HDRterm50 or similar Ribbon Cable connector based sytem connection.

    SCSI 100 to 100 Terminal positions SCSI 100 adapter to terminal strip with DIN rail and custom termination options

    SpaceWire Cable

    Available in custom lengths with standard MDM Connectors or with panel mount etc.


    DESWBO: SpaceWire BreakOut design complete with power adapter. Test Points and LED´s to monitor your SpaceWire activity. Both sides of a complete SpaceWire Link. Pass through design.

    PMC to PCI adapter

    The PMC2PCI Adapter/carrier card mounts in a PMC position and provides a PCI slot. 3.3V and 5V slots to choose from. Riser also available for right angle orientation.

    IndustryPack mounting hardware.
    IP Mounting Hardware
    Hardware mounting kit to mount your IndustryPack to a carrier board

    IP ConnectorSaver
    Add an air gap to your installed IP Module or protect carrier or module connectors from repeated installation