Dynamic Engineering is pleased to announce the PC104p-Chassis. Suitable for PC104, PC104p, PCI-104, and PCIe104 applications. The chassis is based on an extruded aluminum outer housing with machined end caps. The internal card cage is isolated with "bumper pads" from the external housing to provide vibration and shock absorption. A heat sink is built into the internal and external walls of the chassis on three sides to aide in heat transfer. The bottom surface is extended to create a mounting flange which can also be used for cooling in conductive cooled systems. The end caps are machined to include an EMI gasket for water tight operation.

1-11 modules, and custom lengths, 12 and 28V power supplies, Fan boards, Reverse Power Protection, custom machining and silk screening are available options. A new shelf system has been added to allow for mounting SSD and other non-Stack HW to your system.

The PCIe104, PCI-104, PC104p, PC104 Chassis comes in base sizes : 1-11 slots [an extrusion is used for the main body of the chassis making any length possible]. The models are adaptable to allow 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 cards to be mounted in the 5 slot unit and any number up to 11 in the larger units. In a typical system the first position in the stack would be the power supply, the second the CPU and the rest IO or storage. With the range of cards available for PCI-104, PC104, PC104p and IP available most applications can be implemented with off the shelf hardware and a chassis. The PC104pPWR12 and PC104PWR28 can make a good power supply for PCI-104, PC104 and PC104p stacks or stacks with mixed cards. The chassis is flexible and works with any assortment of cards. The chassis is rugged and can work in a variety of environments. The chassis is water tight at low pressures.

Image above shown with thermal / vibration mount spring

To use the chassis: First, build your stack with standard spacers etc. Second attach to the rear plate with spacers and screws. Third add spacers to the front side to fill in the unused positions and attach to the internal cage front bezel. Attach shelving system if in use. Four screws and 4 nuts for the stack plus 4 more screws for the side supports. "rapid assembly!" We can provide additional assembly and test services to install the power supply, CPU, IO etc. shipping a completed unit to you.

Click on play to see videos for disassembly/reassembly of the inner chassis and outer chassis. Click the box for full screen. ESC returns to standard page. Click the download button to watch on your local machine - use when your internet bandwidth is too low to properly support the video.

To complete with the outer housing: slide the assembly into the outer housing and secure that. The outer housing is designed to have gaskets and provide a sealed environment. The front and rear outer housing can be used to mount your system connectors. Dynamic Engineering can arrange to have custom cut-outs, and silk-screen for your chassis We can design connector plates to interface with cables. The end cap plates for the internal chassis can also be cut-out to allow for deeper connectors. One option is to use a smaller frame within a longer chassis to allow room for a hard drive or other custom applications. The chassis is designed to allow for air cooled operation as well as being conduction cooled.

The internal and external heat sink built into the chassis wall can allow internal air cooling too be used in a sealed environment. With a fan card added to your stack the heat from your CPU etc. can be transferred to the sidewall and to the outside with the aide of the heatsinks. Spring steel provides a direct thermal path from the internal frame to the external chassis [not shown in pictures].

The internal hardware is rigidly mounted to the stack and shock / vibration isolated to the side wall with the bumper pads. The shorter boxes come with 8 bumper pads for the corners plus two for the end caps and the longer [7 slots and more] come with 12 bumper pads plus two for the end caps. The end cap pads are shaped to allow maximum area for connector penetration.

Plenty of room is left for cabling along the sides of the chassis from the cards to the panel. The cable area is approximately 1 x 3.375 on each side of the chassis. The cable routing space coincides with the connector area of the PC104p to make it easy to install and secure the cables within the internal frame. With customized panel cut-outs you have have any IO you require.

The internal frame end plates are designed to allow for cabling and connector penetration from the chassis end cap.

The end plates are designed to support gaskets; EMI gaskets are now a standard feature.

The bottom plate comes with mounting slots to make it easy to attach to your system. The bottom plate can be used for additional cooling in a conductive cooling environment - cold plate attachment etc.

The PC104p Chassis and enclosed stack will need power distribution. Any PC104 compatible supply can be used. The PC104pPWR12 and PC104pPWR28 designs are recommended to convert from 12V or 28V [14-36] power rails to the +5, +3.3, +12, -12 and -5.5 you may need for your stack. The PC104p-COOL card can be used to provide internal air-flow if your hardware has high power dissipation concentrated in a CPU etc. The "Cool" card has 2 fan positions, the fans can be oriented in either direction, and can be powered from either the PCI or PC104 rails. A fan board is a good addition for any high powered application to keep the power supply running cool. In addition the PC104p-RPP design provides reverse power protection for your power supply. The design uses FET´s instead of diodes for a very small voltage drop. The connector placement and pin definitions are optimized to work with the PC104pPWR cards.

If you have custom requirements please call or e-mail us with the details.

PCIe104, PCI-104, PC104p, PC104 Chassis Features

  • Stack Height
  • Standard PCI-104, PC104p, PC104 cards - up to slot count number of modules. Models for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or custom available. Larger units can be used with fewer cards and additional spacers if desired. Shorter units for 1, 2 cards can be manufactured for space constrained applications. Remember to count blank slots where double high modules are mounted or for extra airspace if a fan is used.

  • Dimensions
  • External Dimensions outer housing: 6.050"[top] x 5.300"[side height] x length based on slot count. 7.050" bottom with mounting flange.

  • Weight
  • Empty weight of chassis including internal housing and no cards : 5 lbs for 5 slot model, 6 lbs for 7 slot model, 7 lbs for 11 slot model.

  • Materials
  • Outer chassis extrusion: Aluminum 6061
    Outer chassis plates:Aluminum 6061
    Inner chassis supports:Aluminum 6061 1/4 hex
    inner chassis end plates:Aluminum 6061
    Bumper pads: 60 Durometer Red Silicone Rubber

  • Thermal
  • Built in heat sink on side and top wall internal and external. Spring steel end supports tied into the card mounts to allow for direct heat conduction from the stack to the frame for passively cooled systems. Spring steel not shown in photo's. 4 locations at each end for even pressure and maximum conduction. Tie your ground plane to the mounting holes to take advantage. Option for air cooled end plates with fans mounted. The PC104pPWR design has fused FAN power points to support this option.

    PCIe104, PCI-104, PC104p, PC104 Chassis Benefits

  • Price
  • The Chassis is cost effective, and ready to use. Just install your cards and customize the front panel. Low system cost due to easy installation, easy to achieve cooling requirements, and reliability keep your installed price low. Please e-mail or call Dynamic Engineering for a quote. If you need custom machining done please provide the requirements. Storefront prices are for standard configuration chassis. Quantity discounts are available.

  • Warranty
  • 1 year warranty

  • Ease of Use
  • The Chassis is easy to use. The basic PC104 stack is assembled with the inner frame and then installed into the outer housing. The basic price includes the housing, frame, bumper pads, gaskets and screws. Just add your hardware for a complete chassis. Custom machining and cable assemblies can be created. Dynamic Engineering can provide the assembly and provide a turn key solution.

  • Availability
  • We keep the 5, 7, and 11 slot PC104 Chassis in stock. Other sizes are available with a short delay [2-3 weeks] to machine the extrusion to your slot length. Custom machining and silk -screening will add to the lead time. The extrusions are in stock to allow for a rapid delivery.

  • Size
  • Complies with standard PCIe104, PCI-104, PC104p, and PC104 dimensions

  • PC104(p) Compatibility
  • PC104p Chassis is PCIe104, PCI-104, PC104 and PC104p compliant per the specifications.

    Ordering Information
    PC104pChassis1: Standard PC104p Chassis with 1 slots for 1 module
    PC104pChassis2: Standard PC104p Chassis with 2 slots for 1-2 modules
    PC104pChassis3: Standard PC104p Chassis with 3 slots for 1-3 modules
    PC104pChassis4: Standard PC104p Chassis with 4 slots for 1-4 modules
    PC104pChassis5: Standard PC104p Chassis with 5 slots for 1-5 modules
    PC104pChassis6: Standard PC104p Chassis with 6 slots for 1-6 modules
    PC104pChassis7: Standard PC104p Chassis with 7 slots for 1-7 modules
    PC104pChassis8: Standard PC104p Chassis with 8 slots for 1-8 modules
    PC104pChassis9: Standard PC104p Chassis with 9 slots for 1-9 modules
    PC104pChassis10: Standard PC104p Chassis with 10 slots for 1-10 modules
    PC104pChassis11: Standard PC104p Chassis with 11 slots for 1-11 modules

    Select Chassis Size & Corresponding Options Below
    Units Are Customizable~Let Us Know What You Need.


    PC104p Chassis Customization

    Dynamic Engineering can modify the front panel to suit your unique requirements with custom connectors, silk-screens etc.
    The front and rear panels are designed to be modified for this purpose. Dynamic Engineering can work with you to create drawings, and to produce custom front panels, cables and IO to provide the finishing touches on your project.

    A handy addition to your chassis is the ability to mount SSD and other non PC104 stack HW within your stack system. The figure above shows an arrangement with 3 shelves installed. 1-4 positions can be used. Three are recommended unless a low profile device is mounted on the top shelf. The shelves are very stiff with the bent edge. Captured fasteners are used to mount the shelf to the inner end plates. Please see the manual for the mounting hole pattern supplied on the shelf.

    Depending on the height of the mounted HW different arrangements can be used without modifying the basic design. The spacers are 1in. tall creating an inter-shelf gap of 1in. The spacers are inset to allow plenty of room for cable run past the shelves. Alternatively the shelfs can be mounted before the card stack so the cable run to the bezel does not traverse the shelving.

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    Download the
    PC104p Chassis Manual

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