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Industrial temperature 1/2 size PCI card with 3 Industrypack compatible positions. single and double wide IP's. 8 and 32 MHz selection per IP Module. 32 bit accesses to IP's supported. Fused filtered power to each position. Integrated PCI <=>IP bridge function. Automatic 32 bit to IP conversion.

To include a Hardware Engineering kit with your order select from below.
PCI5IP is a full length universal voltage signaling PCI card with 5 IP positions. 8 or 32 MHz operation in each IP position. 32 to 16 bit conversion, fused filtered power, Windows and Linux support.

To include a Driver with your order please select from below.
IP-1553 provides 1 or 2 MIL-STD-1553 Dual Redundant interfaces with BC, RT & Monitor capabilities. Based on the industry standard MicroACE with 64K of memory, Extended temperature range.

Please select card option and engineering kit below:
Connect to your Avionics with IP-429. Pick 2,4,6,or 8 ARINC 429 compatible receivers and 1, 2, 3, or 4 transmitters. Software programmable transmit rates [100K or 12.5K]. Time Tag on received data. IndustryPack campatible with 8 or 32 Mhz. bus operation.
-40 to 85C Standard Temperature range.

Please make board and engineering kit choices:
ip_can_f_sm.jpg IP-CAN
IP-CAN: IndustryPack w/2 CAN [Controller Area Network] channels

Please select card option and engineering kit below:
cpci-j2-scsi-sm.jpg cPCI-J2-SCSI
cPCI-J2-SCSI connector board[CompactPCI]

IP to CompactFLASH adapter card with one CompactFLASH socket using true IDE mode interface. Second slot available via transition module. 8 and 32 MHz operation on IP Bus. Write pass through.

cPCI2IP is a 3U 4HP cPCI [CompactPCI] design with 2 IP positions. Both positions support 8 and 32 MHz operation [SW selectable] both IP interrupts, ID, IO, INT, MEM address spaces. Fused filtered power for each position. Windows, Linux, VxWorks support.

Using the drop down menus, select your board build options and add on options.
High Voltage [up to 30V] IP Compatible card with 48 programmable IO. 40 mA sink. Open collector interface. Interrupt generator on each input channel. Filtered or direct input.

Please select card and accessory options:
cpci4ipsm.jpg CPCI4IP
cPCI4IP is a 6U 4HP cPCI [Compact PCI] design with 4 IP slots. Options for Front, Rear and both for IO. Filtererd power to IP's, auto conversion of 32 bit accesses, full memory space available.

Using the drop down menus, select your board build options and add on options.
HDRribn50sm.jpg HDRribn50
50 pin ribbon cable with connectors, strain relief and pull tabs. Many lengths stocked, custom lengths are easy to order. Standard Female connectors and flat ribbon cable. Male / Female mixed connectors and twisted pair available.

IP Compatible design with 48 programmable TTL IO, and 24 - RS422 / RS485 on the fab with 7 combinations available -TTL, -485 and 5 mixed versions. Filtered or direct input. Programmable interrupt from each IO [TTL or differential]. 2 counter timers. Waveform generator. FPGA with room for custom applications.
Ribbon cable to terminal strip adapter / converter. 50 position header with ejectors to connect to ribbon cable and 50 screw terminals in a flow through layout. Din rail compatible housing. Option for engineering version without screw terminals and header strip instead- suitable for scope, loop-back etc.

Ordering Options:
IP_ParallelIO2x1.jpg IP-Pulse
IP Compatible card with 4 programmable pulse generators. TTL or RS422 / RS485 compatible outputs. Programmable pulse - nS to seconds. Programmable count or free running.

IP Module with 4 UART's. Standard 16550 SW model interface at UART. 128 byte FIFO's, 8 & 32 MHz operation, RS-232 and RS422/RS485 interface, programmable terminations, 1.5MHz - 100 Hz. SW selectable options for faster operation of UART.

ipquad485sm.jpg IP-QuadUART-485
IP Module with quad UART 485 capability

iphardware_small.jpg IP Mounting Hardware
Mounting Hardware for IP Modules

IP OctalSerial
IP-OctalSerial has 8 FIFO supported differential IO channels and a large programmable Xilinx FPGA to support custom state-machine implementations. 24 differential pairs, FPGA, Windows, Linux, VxWorks support available.
IP Crypto
IP-Crypto is a special version of IP-Parallel-HV. The basic design features are retained, and an interface to a KYK-13 is provided. 6.5V reference output, transfer request output, and 3 inputs for clock, data and switch. Alternate voltage references are available. For example 5.85V [newer KYK models] is an option. The rest of the 24 Input and Output IO are available as a parallel port.
IP-BISERIAL2x1.jpg IP BiSerial
IP-BiSerial provides bi-directional serial IO at rates up to 10 Mhz. Separate highly programmable send and receive state machines and memories. IndustryPack compatible with 8 or 32 Mhz. bus operation. We do custom versions. Send us your specs. and we will do the rest. You can customize the design too with IP- Xilinx

Please select board version below. To include a Driver and/or Engineering kit or other accessories with your order please select.
Use IP-Connector-Saver to increase the space between the IP Module and Carrier. IP-Connector-Saver can also be used to save wear on the Carrier or IndustryPack connectors when in a test or T&I environment. Good when additional air flow is required for a hot module. Sold in pairs. Adds ~.534" to the standard height of .472".
Gain access to all of the IndustryPack Bus signals with the IP-Debug-Bus. IP-Debug-Bus is inserted between the carrier and the IP module with the bus signals flowing through the test module. Test points on Address, Data, Select(4), Ack, Clock, BSx, R/W, DMA signals plus power and ground. Power Switch to allow for hot swapping of IP modules.
IP IO Connector Break-out Adapter. Attach to the IO connector on your IP and interconnect to your system via the header connectors. Testpoints on the IO lines allow for diagnostics while connected to your system or for loop-back when not connected to the system. Best when used with IP-Debug-Bus.
IP Module with 16 Optically Isolated Outputs. Configure as High Side or Low Side Switches. 0-60V, 1.5A each. Driver and reference software for Windows, Linux, VxWorks available. Industrial Temperature. Carriers/adapters available for PCI, PCIe, cPCI, VPX, PCI-104.

Industrial temperature full size PCIe adapter for up to 5 IndustryPack compatible positions. Independent buses to each IP facilitate overlapped execution at the IP's for higher performance. 8 and 32 MHz selection per IP Module. 64,32,16,8 bit accesses to IP's supported. MSI and PCI interrupts supported. Linux, Win7, drivers available

IP-BiSerial-VI features a Spartan VI FPGA with 24 differential IO. LVDS, RS485 or combinations. Each IO is independent with programmable direction, and termination. PLL, Osc, FLASH. Select from released versions or send your specification for a custom implementation.