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SpaceWire cable available in standard and custom lengths. Multiple options for connectors and wiring. Standard SpaceWire - male:male with TX/RX reversal. Contact the factory for other options or go to the SpaceWire cable page http://www.dyneng.com/SpaceWireCable.html

Ribbon cable to terminal strip adapter / converter. 50 position header with ejectors to connect to ribbon cable and 50 screw terminals in a flow through layout. Din rail compatible housing. Option for engineering version without screw terminals and header strip instead- suitable for scope, loop-back etc.

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pcibpmcx1_f_sm.jpg PCIBPMCx1
The PCIBPMCX1 provides the ability to install one PMC card into a standard PCI/PCI-X slot. Programmable 3.3 or 5V

Ordering Options: Please select the board version and engineering kit you wish to order.
pcibpmcx2_sm_f.jpg PCIBPMCx2
PCIBPMCx2 PCI/PCI-X & PMC Compatible Adapter Carrier with 2 PMC positions. ROHS or Std processing. Optional FAN's, type of rear IO connector.

Ordering Options: Please select the board options you wish to order.