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crypto_tape_conn_sm.jpg Cable Assembly Crypto/Tape
The Cable Assembly Crypto / Tape provides a method of interconnecting the IP-Crypto and IP-Tape from the carrier to the PCI Bezel [rear IO] when installed into a PC. Most IP Carriers have 50 pin headers suitable for ribbon cable in use for the IP Module IO. The headers are located on the carrier and internal to the chassis. Interconnecting to the outside world can be an issue

SpaceWire cable available in standard and custom lengths. Multiple options for connectors and wiring. Standard SpaceWire - male:male with TX/RX reversal. Contact the factory for other options or go to the SpaceWire cable page http://www.dyneng.com/SpaceWireCable.html

mdmwizard_sm.jpg Cable-MDM9-Wizard
PMC Wizard Cable for Lab and/or Testing environments

cpci-j2-scsi-sm.jpg cPCI-J2-SCSI
cPCI-J2-SCSI connector board[CompactPCI]

deswcb_sm.jpg DESWCB
SpaceWire Connector Board with 1-28 connectors

Please select the # of connectors to be installed & the locations to install them.
DINribn64_f_sm.jpg DINribn64
DINribn64 is designed to interconnect devices using 64 connection DIN connectors. Rows A and C are utilized. Many Dynamic Engineering products have this connector system as well as products from third parties for VME systems. Utilize DINribn64 cable to connect the DINterm64 to PCIeBPMCX1, PCIBPMC, PCIeBPMCX2, PCI2PMC etc. A snap together breakout system with DIN rail capability is created with these components. You can also use the DINribn64 to interconnect your rear IO VME hardware to the DINterm64 or other breakout device.
DINterm64_f_sm.jpg DinTerm64
DINterm64 provides a space efficient, low cost method of interconnecting the control electronics to the rest of the sensors, IO, machinery etc.

HDEcable-2x1.jpg HDEcabl68
SCSI II/III cable - 68 pin high density SCSI connectors with latch blocks or 2-56 thumbscrew hardware in 3 ft. and 6 ft. lengths. Twisted pair construction. Use with PMC hardware such as Dynamic Engineering's PMC-Parallel-TTL etc.

Please select cable version below.
LB = Latch block (default)
TS = ThumbScrew
hde100cablesm.jpg HDECable100
D100 Cable with 50 twisted pairs. Latch Block or Thumbscrew mating. Shielded and outer jacket. 3' and 6' standard plus custom lengths.

HDEterm100sm.jpg HDEterm100
D100 to 100 Terminal positions

Please select from below if you wish to have a special version
SCSI II/III to 68 screw Terminal positions [standard]. SCSI II/III adapter to terminal strip. Custom termination options. Horizontal, Vertical and mixed connector options. Fully enclosed [with DIN rail mounting], open and engineering models available.

Please choose from the menus
HDRribn50sm.jpg HDRribn50
50 pin ribbon cable with connectors, strain relief and pull tabs. Many lengths stocked, custom lengths are easy to order. Standard Female connectors and flat ribbon cable. Male / Female mixed connectors and twisted pair available.

Ribbon cable to terminal strip adapter / converter. 50 position header with ejectors to connect to ribbon cable and 50 screw terminals in a flow through layout. Din rail compatible housing. Option for engineering version without screw terminals and header strip instead- suitable for scope, loop-back etc.

Ordering Options:
lvdscable2x1.jpg PCI-LVDS-Cable
100 position, .050 MDR/MDR for high speed digital data transmission systems.
pmcextendiosm.jpg PMC-ExtendIO-II
PMC extender board/cable set

Please select cable length